Day 26....Our Lottery Dream...The Pittie Touch Project

Wow where was my head yesterday when I posted my blogs? I missed numbered them. Oh well at least I caught it and I can make it up today.


So this morning, I was looking at other postings on NaBloPoMo and I saw one that sparked me to do my own like it. In the post Dec 28....easy peasy by A.C. Melody, she talks about what she would do it if she won the lottery. Here you should check it out...

.( )


This got me thinking about what the hubby and I have talked about doing if we won the lottery one day. Which honestly we rarely play. Only buying tickets when the jackpot is high. We have big dreams.......


We have talked about moving but can't agree on one spot. He wants to go back home to New York but I'm a Florida girl with a slow Florida attitude. I have nothing against New york I just don’t want to live there...ever. I feel it would make me more of an introvert than I am now. I don't like people, especially in crowd form. I prefer wide open spaces.


We have decided we are taking a year and traveling. We will home school and teach our children the value of other cultures. Giving them more education than any classroom ever could. And of course their college education would be set no matter where they wanted to go. So would all our nieces and nephews too. We want them to fly higher and further than we allowed ourselves.


But there is one thing that the whole family agrees on. It's something that it close to our hearts. And honestly I would love to do it even if we never won the lottery. But I sure as hell would be easier with it. We want to open and run a Pit bull rescue. But not just any rescue.... this one has 4 different divisions under one umbrella.


The main umbrella is the rescue of Pit bull, Pit bull mixes or any Bully breed for that matter from kill shelters around the country. We'd bring them to our facility and determine which of the 3 of the 4 divisions they belong in. We will go wherever a pittie needs us to go.


Now say we find a pitty that was surrendered by an owner and is found to be just you everyday average pit. We'd try to find that pit a home where they could be a part of a furever home. And yeah you don’t get one of our dogs unless you intend on giving it a furever home. Dogs are not a temporary play toy. They are a lifetime companion. Your best friend. Your family member. So just had to get that out.


Now say the next group of pits we get, there's one that shows an extremely beautiful and sweet nature. It shows it has something special inside it. That pittie will be given a huge job as either a touch therapy dog for the elderly or children with cancer. Or they will be given to a Veteran suffering from Post traumatic Stress disorder. Let me tell you, there is nothing sweeter than the love of a pit. Those special ones who just love humans have a way of making you feel wonderful and warm in your heart. I know what it's like to be depressed and have a beautiful soul just lay her head on you and look at you as if she was saying it's all going to be alright. When you can bury you face in the neck of your dog and feel love rushing back into you, your feeling instantly change..


Now say we get one that is highly intelligent, loves to play games, listens to commands and has a nose for hide and seek.... Well that pit will be given a purpose of being a search and rescue dog. I mean pits have been used in hunting for their abilities to track and take down. We are just going to horn in on that tracking ability. They are terriers, which means they are working dogs, they need a purpose, a job.


The Fourth and final division is boarding houses around the country right outside places that have BSL. (For those who don't know what a BSL is......It is a Breed Specific Law. I will get into that later so you can understand why we are so passionate about this.) These boarding houses are for those who are willing to pay a small room and board fee to keep their dogs. These boarding homes will be open 24 hours /7 days a week, so that it doesn’t matter when you want to see your doggie, you can come and spend time together. They would have all the wonderful love that you would give you dog from a trained staff that believes that nothing is better than a pttie.


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