Day 3. I'm down 1 whole pound!!

Day 3.  I’m down 1 whole pound!!!  Can you believe it!  I know it doesn’t sound like much, but someone said to me today to picture a pound of ground beef…wow, pretty awesome :-).  Also, I can now drink LESS water!  LOL

Today was really busy, so unfortunately I didn’t have time to cook. I did however find this great sounding recipe on Pinterest that I’m sure I’ll make sometime in the near future.  It’s called hummus-crusted chicken.  Check it out; sounds yummy!

I was so thankful for my pink lemonade Spark today; I felt like I hit the ground running at 6:00 am this morning.  I read the following on the Advocare website about Spark: Contains 21 vitamins, mineral and nutrients designed to synergistically provide a healthy, balanced source of energy.  I just know that is has helped me this week.  Something that I haven’t mentioned is that I’ve had strep throat this week, but with the help of antibiotics and Spark I’ve not had to miss a day of work or anything fun.  

Because we are impressed with the results of this 24-day challenge (btw my husband has lost 2 pounds this week and my son has lost 13 in 14 days) we decided to become distributors for Advocare.  This affords us a 20% discount on all of our purchases, which will be great as we continue with this new lifestyle of healthier living.  Today we were excited to get our distributor kit that included something new for us called Slam.  I think it’s going to be a healthier version of 5-hour energy.  On the box is written, “Sharpens mental focus”…thank God because I could certainly use some help with that! 


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