Day 3 - Life as a Blogger

After many, many months of not blogging, I'm finally beginning to feel the cobwebs stretch and break between my fingers as I type day three of NaBloPoMo.

The stretching, in all honesty, started in my mind. The thought of getting up a little bit earlier to post sent me into immediate overload around day two.

Then there's commenting, a simple but powerful commitment to not only yourself but to all the others that cross your path as you type your heart out.

This is what life should be all the time. A circle of support where what you give somehow doubles back and pushes you forward. Always knowing just how much force should be used.

Then there are the titles. Are you a blogger? A writer? A wannabe author? An encourager? Are you blogging about life as an entrepreneur or is yours a personal one? Or, do all our words collect somewhere and serve a bigger, better cause?

Why isn't it merely enough to scribble your words in a journal? Why do you have to push 'Publish' every time something worthy bubbles up inside of you?

Is all this one in the same? Does it really matter? Who's asking the questions?

I'm glad to be bubbling, I mean, blogging again. I'm, once more, plugged into the source and am thankful to have the currents of my fellow bloggers run through me.

Here's to blogging!



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