Day 31 in the Blogosphere: The Stats

Blocks 2 It has been one month since I launched Motherly Law. Am I glad I took the plunge? Absolutely! I am doing what I love best: researching and writing about legal issues. I love the law. The law is something to go to, to hold fast to, yet it is also subject to interpretation, and if we really don't like a law or find that it is not necessary or useful anymore, we can change it, get rid of it or even add a new more relevant law (OK, so I am using the term we loosely, but you get the point). Law is steadfast, but also transient; a kind of yin and yang. Somehow I find this comforting. I am hopeful that through this blog, I can convey my love of law and shed light on the wide range of topics I intend to bring to you in the coming months.


Speaking of subject to interpretation…Here are my blog statistics after one month (cue drum roll – if my boys were awake right now I could have a real drum roll):

  • Pageviews on 2250
  • Post Reads on 1210
  • Visits to Facebook Fan Page: 900
  • Number of Facebook Fans: 164
  • Number of Comments on FB and Web site: 55
  • Rank on 39,450 of 1,186,880 blogs (yes, these numbers are for real!)
  • Number of Feeds: 30
  • Number of Twitter Followers: 26
  • Number of Times Re-Blogged: 1
  • Clicks on Adsense Ads: 82
  • Number of Items Ordered on Amazon Thru : 18

So, what do all these numbers mean? I really have no idea, but here's my take on them: people are reading my posts and sharing the information I am putting out there. And I am so grateful for that. I will continue to burn the midnight oil and bring you enlightening, interesting articles and bits of information. Please continue to comment, read and share my posts with your friends and colleagues, and send me ideas. You can find Motherly Law here at ,on Facebook and Twitter, and I also post on Thank you so much for reading! I truly appreciate your support! Over and Out…



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