Day 6 - I've Learned Some Things about Blogging

Next year, my blog will be five years old. And, while I know I don't know everything, I feel confident that I could be on a panel of other bloggers at oh, let's say, BlogHer '14. We could discuss blogging, of course, and women and life and career stuff.

I mean, if something like that would even be needed. From me. Next year. Who knows.

Aside from a shameless plug, hopefully preparing me to actually submit my name as a panelist, I'd like to shout out a few tribes and chicklets this journey has so graciously placed in my path.

So without further ado, here are a few of  the dos and don'ts I've learned. Feel free to add to the list.  

Do early

During NaBloPoMo, I've been known to publish a post only a few minutes before the clock strikes midnight. However, I know if I want to be involved in the goings on of my fellow BlogHers...I'd best post during the day.

From my experience, while there's a lot of insomniacs creeping around the internet after dark, the women of BlogHer shut it down early. You might catch another night owl here and there but you won't drum up half the conversations you could if you'd post during the day. often

NaBloPoMo is a great time to build momentum. When you commit to posting every day, you're essentially standing on top of a picnic table flailing your arms in the air and yelling to all the world (ants included) that you have prepared a feast.

When we show up and keep showing up, bloggers and non-bloggers alike know where to find us. Even if they can't visit us everyday to say "Hi!" - only because there is a lot of blogging and living to do - they'll come back and check on us. love

Awww, do I hafta comment on other blogs? Yep. Ya hafta.

It feels good to know that someone read our words. And, while it's great to know they visited, it's pass great if they take time to leave a comment.

Regardless how busy you are, you have time to comment on another blog. Aim for commenting on a few blogs a week and, when possible, push for a few blogs a day.

Think of commenting as the gift that keeps on giving. You comment on someone's blog and then they, anxious to learn more about the person that left such a *thoughtful and positive* comment, rush right over to return the favor.

And, it doesn't stop there. When we comment, we leave not only our thoughtful and positive words but a link to our site, a smorgasbord of thoughtful positiveness. Now, anyone that visits our sister's site has the potential to find out about us. And, vice versa. that keeps on giving!

...keep posting

There will be days when words will fly from your fingertips as if on autopilot. There will be other days when you haven't a clue where the post started let alone where it will finish. That's okay, just keep posting.

I can't count the times when I felt like I was rambling to myself and someone commented days or months later saying how what I said was exactly what they needed to hear. There have also been times when I felt pretty okay about life but it wasn't until several "Awww, it'll be alright" comments that I realized that I actually wasn't okay. In rereading my post, I found that I really needed those comforting words.

The more you post and the more you trust yourself, the better you'll get.  Some days you'll heal and other days you'll need a little healing. Show up regardless.

...learn a thing (or two) about coding

I know, I know. HTML, CSS, brackets, greater than/less than...heck, I just want to write! As much as I try, I've never met a theme I didn't want to tweak.

While many themes have everything we need, sometimes we're only a code away from making it what we want. If for no other reason than to choose a really cool font or change a background color, you owe it to yourself to learn a little HTML and CSS.

YouTube has great tutorials, is wonderful for beginners and Google search has yet to let me down. Oh and don't overlook your BlogHer community. There are tech divas all over that place.

No, you don't have to go to school for web design but, trust me, it can't hurt to have a few tricks up your sleeve.


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