The Day After Christmas ~ A little less anticipated then the night before Christmas

Awaking to a silent home the morning after Christmas is almost like receiving a late gift, at least until you step foot out of your bedroom. The lasting aroma of the Christmas Turkey is still lingering as I stagger my way into the kitchen avoiding what seems to be hundreds of little pieces of wrapping paper, tags, plastic wires and tape trying to stick to the bottom of my socks. A quick glance around my kitchen only motivates me to go crawl back into bed as the tower of dirty dishes awaits me. Caffeine is the only answer to my immediate need to give up before I even begin. Filling my cup just about as high as it will go without overflowing, I take a tongue burning sip before heading into my living room. Large black plastic bags full of packaging line my path while I balance on them as if they were my crutch to the couch as I try to avoid stepping on the brand new set of lego’s spilled on the carpet. Plopping my tired, motiveless body onto the couch I cant help but continue to stare at the aftermath of yesterdays joyous holiday. Over in one corner I see the 6 pairs of little socks we purchased for my daughter, all separated from each other with her new pink and purple legos hiding inside each one… moving along the wall a bit further I find my son’s new nerf gun laying on the floor emptied of all 25 foam darts…the darts are nowhere to be seen. Brand new crayons decorate my linoleum floor under my dinner table along with two new toothbrushes. Continuing to sip my coffee all I can think of is getting through this day without loosing my cool.

We always anticipate the day or night before Christmas as being so wonderful and exciting. We fill our kids with anticipation for Christmas morning and if they are lucky we warm them up with a gift or two that night before the big man comes. Sure, If I was a little more on top of everything yesterday I could have avoided this whole disaster..I mean between watching the kids open gifts and bagging up loads of debris, baking desserts, cooking a huge meal that includes an 18 pound bird that needs attention every 30 minutes for 6 hours, serving it then packaging up all the leftovers, making room in the fridge and assembling/programming/un-twining toys for my kids… I could have easily cleaned up more.

Christmas is my favorite holiday and time of year…I just wish the day after Christmas brought a little more joy then it usually does. I want a book that is titled…. Twas the day after Christmas…in the house I wish. Not a piece of trash was showing not even a dish. In fact, be watching…I may write a whole book about the day after Christmas and dedicate it to all you mom’s out there that woke up to exactly what I explained above. Until then…I am off to dig out the new Lincoln logs lodged underneath my couch before my dog mistakes them as his stick.

~Merry Christmas~
Christmas '12


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