The Day After The Race

The day after the eight mile race I woke up SORE!  I have muscles that go all the way up my thighs into my body.  Previously, they only went about half way up my thighs.  I feel ever so much taller and leaner.  The sides of my upper outer thighs also ache.  It makes me think I was truly running like a gazelle.  It makes me want to go and run more.

However, I am also beat!  I'm tired and yawning and uninspired.  My knee hurts.  My foot hurts.  My body is not feeling very youthful.

Tomorrow I plan to wake up and head to the gym with my gym partner.  I'm going to do a beginning pilates DVD to stretch and then the elliptical if my knees feel solid enough.  Already I know that the morning will feel very early.

I'm tired.  The rain from the last four days and the upcoming forecast for continued rain for at least a week isn't helping.  It's actually okay once we are outside dressed in all our rain gear, but inside it's hard to muster up energy.  I am looking forward to waking up tomorrow with some Monday morning energy and focus to get things done.  I usually feel better if I just DO things and tomorrow I will DO either in the house or out of the house.

I stuck to my dang calorie count today and I made it through.  I think the self-imposed restriction is not helping my mood.  Or maybe I'm taking on the role of curmugeon in order to somehow more tangibly embrace the weird process of spending energy denying oneself something.  Regardless, this is day three of re-focused calorie watching and I feel good about it - even if I'm complaining (a lot!!!).

Tomorrow I think I'll make up a meal plan again.  It helps a lot.  Any great ideas of interesting easy tasty healthy low calorie things to make?  My brain just gravitates to what it already knows (or to all the super tasty things I see on blogs that are not what I should be eating these days!!).

To a good night's rest and to fun packing for all those headed to Blogher '12!



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