The Day Care Question

Summer and no school are rapidly approaching. And with that knowledge, my stomach clenches. For children with fetal alcohol syndrome, not to mention bipolar disorder, all the free time of summer wreaks havoc to their emotions. The hours of freedom that the rest of us yearn for cause enormous stress for their little minds. They don't possess the ability to plan a day all on their own. Or to drag out their blocks and play happily for a period of time. They are constantly stressing about what will come next, what are we doing after this? What are we doing tomorrow? They crave and simply must have the structure of a formed day. Our small town does have a summer recreational program with many options, but they do not usually accommodate special needs and for that reason we have not used them very often. This summer, however, the district is starting a day camp. It runs all day, five days a week, rotating at two different grade schools. It sounded perfect for my son. Structure, but not academics, so I am hoping he will be able to participate. Plus, it is through the school district, so my feeling is they need to accommodate him. Schools are not supposed to discriminate. They know my son and his challenges, so we will see. But, I am excited. Oh, and of course, it's raining.



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