Day Off Do List x2

Yep, here I am with another day off and another do list to turn into a did list. I did so well on Monday that I'm almost afraid to hold onto hope for today's list. So many things could go wrong, not least of all my desire for a nap (and it's only 6:41am!)

Oh well - you can't succeed if you don't try, right?

1) Take the girls to school.
2) Mail two boxes and a bunch of cards/bills at the post office.
3) Go to the bank.
4) Run into Dominicks and grab a few things.
5) Go to the library and grab a reserve book and some books for TW since she has nothing to read (gasp).

6) Go to the NEX and the commissary.
7) Clean out the cold room closet.
8) Reserve the rest of the books from the Cybil's shortlist.
9) Work on my altered book.
10) Pick up the girls from school.
11) Call Jenn.

OK maybe that's not so bad... I'll be ok 'til I get to #7... by then, I'll be tired and extra-ready for a nap. Maybe I should have added nap to the list?

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