The Day Joy Almost Got Caught

You have everything organized and planned and layed out for NaBloPoMo.

planned for this year's NaBloPoMo because the past two years you
participated, you struggled near the end to find things to write about.

You did not have that problem this year.  This year NaBloPoMo was easy.  Ok easier.

But then two days before NaBloPoMo is about to end?  Your friday gets hellish busy.

You run around to get things done and you get those things done.  And you feel good about getting those things done.

Then just as you're thinking you have accomplished everything you set out to do today, you realize you didn't write a post.

on any other day you'd just say "Meh" and be done with it.  But you
can't today.  Because today counts towards NaBloPoMo so no way are you
going to miss a day this close to the end.

You say to yourself "It's no big deal.  I can sit down and write a post right now.  I have a ton of time."

you sit down to write a post knowing full well it normally takes you at
least an hour or two to write a post because you are no whiz when it
comes to writing.

But you're ok with that.  Because you still have time.

you get side-tracked from all the stuff in your office and you start
playing with the Kinder Surprise you have on your desk.  The Kinder
Surprise you keep there for inspiration.

Then you see your Flip
sitting there.  So you put the Kinder Surprise down and you go through
the Flip videos you haven't done anything with yet.

You start day dreaming about the video you might want to make and the music you might want to put to the video.

Then you look up at the screen of your computer and remember you were here to write a post.  So you start writing.

But all of a sudden you hear the dog barking.  You get up to see what all the fuss is about.

you think you hear something.  Then you look and there are lights
coming up the driveway.  Then?  You hear the garage door open and know
the person coming up the driveway has just pushed the button in their

You know where the children are so it can only be one other person coming up that driveway.  Your husband!

husband who doesn't usually come home this early.  The husband who
normally gets home about two hours later.  The husband you weren't
expecting home so soon.

So you start to panic and you think to
yourself "No way am I going to let him see me on this computer again. 
Last time he came home I was on the computer so I'm not going to be
sitting here again.  No way!"

But you remember you started a post
so you trip over the dog and then you run into your office and quickly
save the three measly sentences you managed to peck out.

You hear
sounds coming from the garage and you push every conceivable button you
can think of to make the normally fast computer move at the speed you
know it can.

You hear footsteps.  Almost at the door.

two step around your desk, take five giant leaps, while thanking the
good lord up above for giving you freakishly long legs, and you make it
into the kitchen just as the garage door opens.

You look around
the corner as if you've been in the kitchen all night and see your
husband looking in and up at you from the garage door.  "Hi" you call
out.....a bit winded.

You take a quick moment to look over at the
computer room and you wonder at that very moment "Is this what it's
like to hide a lover?"

The adrenalin at almost getting caught.  The sneakiness.  The acting.

husband comes up the stairs and into the kitchen and gives you a kiss. 
You look over his shoulder at the glare of the computer screen coming
from the darkness of the room you just left.

Looking for any signs that the two of you were together not moments ago.

All is well and your heart stops racing.

You visit with your husband and he settles in.  Then you go downstairs and watch a movie.

you can't stop thinking about the room.  You know there is something in
there.  Waiting for you.  And you know the two of you need to finish
what you started.

So you wait.  And you wait.  And then you hear
it.  The snore you know so well when your husband sits downstairs to
watch a movie.  You wait for a bit until you're sure.  Until the rhythm
is exactly right.

Then you get up while cursing the old leather couch which grunts and groans every time you move on it.

husband stirs a bit but you know he won't waken.  He will not have a
clue what the two of you will be doing upstairs.  In that room.

run upstairs, let the dog out who runs up with you because he thinks
the two of you are playing a game and you take the other stairs two at
a time to reach the computer room.

You quickly turn everything back on, log in and proceed to type faster then you've ever typed in your life.

get the post done with exactly 10 minutes to spare before the stroke of
midnight.  There is no proof reading.  There is no going over
anything.  It was rough and it was fast.  It was done with passion.

You sit back.  Spent.  Not completely satisfied but feeling excited nonetheless.  It will have to do.

And for some strange reason you feel like you need to go have a cigarette now.


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