A day at the Races and other bits and bobs....

Well that was another interesting day. I spent the afternoon at the Races. Kelso Races to be exact. For those who don't know Scotland, Kelso is a small town in the Scottish Borders; it was an absolutely beautiful drive down from Edinburgh this morning. Spring has most definitely sprung!

I was with my colleagues and pals Arlene, Michael and Rachel and we were invited by our Finance director Willie, also a pal I'm pleased to say. Willie had taken a table at a charity lunch in aid of the Borders Trust for Carers and we were joined by Ann Robb who looks after Marketing and PR for the Interactive Design Institute, and various other bods; Bob, Alan and Alan (confusing! Let's call them Alan 1 and Alan 2) All great fun.

We had a little betting syndicate and Bob went off to put the bets on at the trackside. We also put some small bets on individually. I learned a bit more about horse racing. For example I now understand what is meant by 'each way' and I can also work out the odds. It's quite simple really.

The highlight of the afternoon was being driven down the trackside during the final race, by a lady race official, to stand near one of the hurdles and watching the horses jump from just a few feet away. The lady who took us down told us that the horse running in 2nd place belonged to her brother and that it had been lame the day before. We got lots of inside info and it was fascinating. Bob and Alan 1 went marching over the track when we'd all been told to wait at the centre rail. They ignored us when we pointed this out and they got quite a ticking off from the official lady as apparently they could easily have been trampled by a GeeGee. I think the GeeGee would have to be going pretty damned fast as they were on the other side of the racetrack at the time, but you can't take too many chances!

Back to the office tomorrow. I've a lot to catch up with after a long weekend out. Our partner university in Inner Mongolia is looking for some key information that I can't get unless I'm in the office. They are putting in a submission to the Ministry of Education so that we can recruit students from China onto our online Design Degrees. Tomorrow evening it's dinner with our Chinese Strategic partner who is over in the UK for a visit. Meanwhile the kids are off for Easter and have been indoor climbing and abseiling with Dad (child 1, Phoebe, 8) and fiddle playing (child 2, Lily, 12) Lily's taking part in The Edinburgh Youth Gaitherin is an annual event and it's fantastic.

Wednesday I'm meeting Phil, our web designer at Webfoundry, then it's another meeting at the Indian Consulate in Edinburgh. Thursday's looking relatively quiet but that could change.....