"Day" of Resolutions

Well, another year is gone. Is it this the end of a decade or the beginning of one? I mean usually you start counting at one and finish at 10 but I guess you might start counting at zero and end at 9. And how do we refer to the year? It was '97 and '01, but it sounds weird just saying "ten". It almost sounds better to say "oh-ten". "Twenty-ten" is too many syllables but probably sounds the least stupid so I guess we'll all stick with that. Again, I am getting caught up in the details.

So what did everyone else do for saying good by to 2009? Me? I went out to some exclusive event put on by the folks of fashion week with my sister and my roommate. We were the nobodies of the party, but found a way to quickly change that.
I don't really believe in being a nobody and frankly, I don't do it very well. I was sporting my hot designer shoes and within being at the party for about 10 minutes we managed to have "the" people of the party joining our table. Why does this matter? It doesn't, unless you know me. See, I don't want to be the girl that hangs out with the "it" people... but they can hang out with me. That's allowed. Call me a snob, call me pretentious, call me whatever the hell you want. The fact is that I just want to have fun and fun we did!!!

At any rate, the new years is a time of resolutions. Mostly it's a time for wishful thinking (because let's face it... most of us don't stand a chance at keeping our resolutions). I normally never made resolutions but for the last couple of years I actually have been doing it. Am I going to continue the tradition this year? FUCK YA!!! I'm not afraid of failure. The whole point of this website was to stare my mediocrity in the eyes and if sucking at keeping my resolutions is a part of that, then that's what I'm going to do.

So here are the Day Resolutions of 2010:

1. Drink less. Okay, the 23 drinks I had on New Years Eve probably had a lot to do with making this resolution, but when I took a look at my bank account and realized that I didn't even blanch at spending $200 in an evening out - which tends to occur at least every other weekend - that the drinking less would not only be a good resolution for my liver - it was also a sound financial resolution.

2. Eat better.
Hmm, I pretty much already broke this when on New Year's Day my sister and I (for our recovery day) went to the movies (two in a row - New Moon and Avatar) and all we had to eat all day (as we didn't have breakfast because we were too hungover) was popcorn, licorice, and coke... when we finally decided we needed to eat something... we went to McDonald's. And as I just inhaled a box of chocolates given to me for Christmas, I still am not managing to jump back on this ever so rickety wagon of health. Maybe tomorrow.

3. Take more pictures.
I'm trying to see the world through slightly more creative eyes. My science background, although useful, has created a certain perspective on the world and I'm trying to adjust it a little. So a while back I had started doing a photo challenge. I think I shall continue this challenge into the new year getting at least one photo a week. The good news is that on January 1st I got my first photo of the year that I actually like. The bad news is that it turned out well because my sister who is a photographer sat behind me yelling at me to change the angle, the lighting, the exposure, etc. so really it's her picture and I was just the monkey who pushed the buttons. But hell, monkey see, monkey do.

4. Be myself.
Oh for the love of god if I can find a way to do this I will kiss myself (is that possible?). Yes I am still living that stupid cliche of "I'm trying to figure out who I am". It's not that I don't know who I am... I think I know it quite well... I'm just not very good at "being" me. I second guess often. I worry about what people might think (and I'm figuring out slowly that the people that judge me or don't like me suck... so I don't really want to hang out with them anyway... was that too arrogant? Whatever... why surround myself with people that don't like me or don't like to hear the truth?... better to surround myself with people who know how to hold their own and appreciate my snide ass self).

5. Find my balance.
I mean that both figuratively and literally. Considering I am only just now recovering from a toe I broke 8 weeks ago by getting into a kicking match with the couch, and that I've managed to rip the railing of my stairs off twice by falling down and being unable to catch myself before having too much momentum for it's spindly joints to hold, I can most definitely say that I would like to wipe out a lot less in the year 2010. However, I would also like to find a way to meld my enviromental, tree hugging self with the side of me that LOVES designer shoes and clothing and really fine fancy things. I would also like to balance my love of sitting on the couch watching every movie ever made, with the side that does in fact enjoy being fit and healthy. I'd like to meld the side that is an adrenaline junky, thrill seeking, bad ass, gangster (not literally) with the side that is creative, mellow, knits, and writes about the deeper side of life (okay maybe by deeper I mean that I just babble incessently about inane digestions of my brain... but still).

So there you have it... the
Day Resolutions
.. we'll see how long it takes for them to disolve into another years dreams.


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