Days Go By

So, Its been a little over a month since I was here last. I wont bore you with the details of that time. Let's just say laptop crash, desktop crash, and sick kids. I think I will do this blog, when I do it, in a different way. Just make it a recap of our day, and maybe a few days at a time. So, here goes, starting yesterday since it is only 10am here.



My plan for the day was to get some laundry and cleaning done and wait anxiously for the Anthony trial verdict. My husband informed me that he had bought an old used truck from a friend and that he would be dropping it off, along with his wife. I raced around like a mad woman trying to make my living room, bathroom and kitchen presentable. Cleaning is not my strong suit. The friend and his wife and son arrived. I put on my best "hostess" face. I also do not do well with socializing anymore. We spent some time talking and then we all decided to go eat at a local Mexican food restaurant. I actually enjoyed sitting and talking to them for awhile! The verdict came on tv, was read, I fumed, and thats all I am going to say on that subject. We parted ways and headed back home. AHHHH! Now I was going to sit and do nothing! HaHaHa! That never works that way. It was off to run errands. We hit up the insurance office to get insurance on the new(old) truck first. What was supposed to be a quick 10min. in and out took an hour. Ken never meets a stranger. Off to the bank, which was actually a quick in and out. Thank heavens for drive thrus! Next up was to get new tags for the van and then off to Wal-Mart. I know, we live an exciting life! At the store we bought all new blackout, thermal curtains. Our house is HOT and the Texas temps have been over 100 degrees for 5 days now. Hopefully this will take our electric bill to under $200! Back home to the kids. Justin cant handle the heat so he stays indoors most days until late afternoon. The afternoon was spent hanging curtains and somewhat cleaning up the mess the house was in! Justin got to play in his ActionTrak chair the rest of the evening. The chair is an off road chair that looks a little like a snowmobile with a wheelchair seat and controller. it lets Justin go into the mud, water, and dirt. he loves getting to go where his other chair wont take him! After a very late lunch, dinner was cereal. Justin was off to bed at 8pm(his disease exhausts him and he always goes to bed early), and Kennedy stayed up half the night. Halee lives on her own, so who knows where she was. Ken and I went to bed shortly after that.


Wow, ok, so typing out our day makes us sound incredibly boring. This is our life though. Some days ARE boring and some days arent. Eventually, I will get into more detail, especially with the ins and outs of Justins routine and balancing the line of him needing to be a normal teenage boy with his medical needs. I am still feeling my way around this blogging thing and I always want to keep Justins(well all of my kids) privacy in mind. Ken and my life are generally all out there.


Stay tuned to our tomorrow. It will probably be just as boring.


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