The Dayton Time

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Welcome to my world. Here I sit, trying to think of something really creative and descriptive about my blog, so that lots of people will want to read about my clever babes, my mister, the whole Dayton experience. But my brain is stuck on the fact that my French Press still has yesterday's coffee grounds in it. And the cloth diapers are probably growing something in the dirty bag, they need to be washed so very badly. And, come to think of it, I could really use a shower.

But why should you read my blog? Supercool labels like broomsticks and toilet brushes, riding herd, and legal addictive stimulants are one reason. Fairly regular ranting that has been known to make people fall out of their chairs laughing is another. You need a third? Fine. I have neato pics. you're curious. Check it out, and while you do that, you can guarantee I will be making coffee and taking a shower. At. The. Same. Time.