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Georgetown Cupcake - Vanilla & Chocolate

Friends, it's my first reconnaissance of 2014 and I'll admit, we're fortunate this one happened. If it weren't for another cupcake enthusiast, I wouldn't have known this East Coast chain had a shop in Southern California.

I'm speaking of Georgetown Cupcake in Los Angeles. The bakery offers over 100 flavors and its founders star in the series, DC Cupcakes on TLC.

Reality TV is not my preference, and with shows like Honey Boo Boo, I can't even tell you what channel TLC is on my cable lineup.

Hence their reputation would not earn them any bonus points with this connoisseur. I was there to judge them on their cupcakes alone.

Their LA shop was unlike any bakery I've been in before. It was styled more like a fashion boutique than a cupcakery, with a few cafe tables for eating.

Now I'm well aware the early bird gets the cupcake. Still, I was disappointed in their 5pm selection.

The tiered silver platters held just a cupcake here and there. Moreover, they were mainly Christmas flavors. It was two days before a new year; most bakeries had switched their menu.

I was ready to move past the holidays, so I selected two flavors from their daily variety. The associate retrieved my cupcakes from the back and charged me $3 each.

I was surprised to see a fair price. It fit the smaller size of their cupcakes and I wasn't being charged for the location or the Georgetown Cupcake name. How refreshing.

At home, I started with their Toffee Crunch. It's a toffee cupcake with a toffee-infused vanilla cream cheese frosting, topped with crushed Heath Bar.

The cake was moist with bits of toffee throughout. Their signature cream cheese frosting was smooth. It enhanced the cake's flavor and crunchy toffee pieces.

But it got better.

The Georgetown Cupcake had an unusual shape. It wasn't flat on top. Rather, it had a slight bowl in the middle that allowed the cupcake to hold more frosting. Thus the closer I got to the middle, the sweeter the cupcake became!


Now that I knew of Georgetown's frosting technique, I eagerly moved onto their Vanilla & Chocolate. It's a Madagascar bourbon vanilla cupcake with whipped Callebaut chocolate frosting, topped with a seasonal fondant decoration.

I was drawn to this cupcake because of the fudge-like appearance of its frosting. Additionally, this classic combination is a good test of a bakery's merit since there are no extras to hide behind.

Looks can be deceiving, as I was ill prepared for what came next.

Though I could see flecks of vanilla bean in the cake, its flavor was no match for the frosting.

The chocolate's intensity was overwhelming.

I assumed the cacao percentage was in the dark chocolate range, which I can only handle in small increments. Alas, in this instance all I could do was use the cake as a shield.

I pushed aside the frosting to appreciate the cake's texture and vanilla essence for a couple of nibbles. It was good. No doubt a lighter frosting would've allowed its flavor to be more apparent.

Once I ran out of cake to accompany the chocolate frosting, I set down my fork and stopped.

I was not about to wage a war I could not win.

I give Georgetown Cupcake 4 out of 5 stars.

I know many say the cupcake market is saturated. However, if you can bring something special, I say welcome.

I can understand why this chain is popular back East and I'm glad they brought their flavor to Los Angeles.



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