Dead Beat men are from Mars and Dead Beat Moms are too!!!

Hello Everyone out there in Blog Blog land, I must have a bee in my bonnet today because I have not had a day like today where I seem to have opinions on quite so many things. I tend to be a news hound and I read posts from my friends online and often something that is said or shared sparks a bit of a fire in me. Well, this just is downright a blaze.

The subject: Child Support.

We all as a society have come to expect that when a divorce happens where there are children involved, most likely the man will not provide financial support for their child or children. It is very sad but it has become the status quo in modern times. Now, here is the kicker, I find it even more appalling and disgusting when the deadbeat parent is "The Mother" and this is why.

The bond that exists between mother and child is so strong that it cannot be measured. Here you have carried this tiny life in your body for 9 months and have been his or her lifeline. You have felt it move inside, watched it grow as your body grows and then you instantly bond or imprint the moment they are born. They say that mothers have a special bond that cannot be broken with their children (that is, mentally stable and sound of mind mothers) and yet, there exists women out there who shirk their financial responsibility to their child when they are the ones who loose custody of their kids, and it does happen more often now a days where the courts have become more gender neutral. I find that I have NO RESPECT for these women because how can you do that to a child that did not ask to be born, how do you deny it the benefits of being supported by not just one but two parents.? These women make me disgusted and ashamed for them to be part of my gender group.


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