Deadlines and Co-workers

It's been so long since I've had something resembling a deadline that I almost went to sleep tonight without doing my daily blog entry - woops! So here I sit, bleary-eyed and not completely coherent, trying to come up with a brilliant entry while realizing it will probably be subpar. But that is the point of this whole exercise, isn't it? Forcing the words to come out even when you think they can't be found; making the search for those words a daily exercise, so that it will become a habit - like brushing your teeth.

Okay, hopefully a LITTLE more exciting than brushing your teeth, but you get the gist.

The only thing I can think of to talk about in this sleepy state is how nice the past couple of days has been at work. One of my co-workers has been on vacation, and I hate to say it but her absence has made it easier to do my job. I work in a small law firm as a legal assistant and I also handle the client billing. Since the end of the month just passed, I have been knee deep in time sheets and billing statements. Because of my other duties, it usually takes me until the 10th to get the statements done and sent out, but with that co-worker out I was able to get them done faster without her distracting me like she normally does during the day.

Do you have a co-worker like that? Someone that you may like well enough, but who doesn't seem to understand that they are preventing you from getting your work done by their repeated interruptions? I just want to scream sometimes. But I have to remind myself that she is not doing it intentionally. I do my best not to be rude to her, but I know I have been abrupt with her a few times when she has absentmindedly forgotten to do something she was supposed to do resulting in my having to do it for her. But I love my job and (most of) the people I work with - and with the economy the way it is, I can't afford to let one person affect me and my job performance. I used to have a bad case of "the grass is always greener" when it came to the jobs I had when I was younger. Finding contentment in this job was a big step for me - and one that I am not going to back away from because of a slight annoyance with one of my co-workers. 

Instead I have been reveling in the amount of work I'm getting done with her gone. And when she gets back on Tuesday, I'll just calendar ahead to her next vacation and start a countdown, I guess.

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