Deadmau5 and other weird artists

Son no 3 is a teenager - so I am obliged to listen to his "music" in the car in the mornings, otherwise I am not considered cool or with it or whatever term they use nowadays. Anyway, this morning is no different - we are listening to his crap.  He describes it as "Dubstep" or "Club music".  The song we are listening to actually sounds like music for a change so I look at my LCD screen and it says we are listening to Deadmau5.  So I query this with my son and the conversation goes as follows:

Me:  What are we listening to?

Son 2: Deadmau5

Me: (confused): But I thought Deadmau5 was a male

Son 2: He is

Me: But this is a female singing

Son 2 (rolling eyes): Because Deaumau5 doesn't sing

Me: So who is singing?

Son 2 (pointing to title of song on the LCD panel) : It says here featuring Greta ......  (whoever... - I forgot who - never heard of her anyway)

Me:  So is she part of Deadmau5?

Son 2 (now annoyed with me):  I've told you before - Deadmau5 is a DJ - he doesn't sing - he only does the background music!

So now I am really confused - in my day that used to be called a Composer - have I missed something?


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