dealing with pain every single day.

living in pain every single day is awful.There are many different illness's that people cannot see,therefore they don't understans where we are coming from.It makes our daily life a living hell.I myself suffer from many different illness's.But,for me the worst chronic pain is my back.It hurts to sit,stand,walk,or even to lie down.I have first got my injury back in 1997 and I have been in pain ever since only to get worse and worse every single day.I have cried many of days,begging God to please take this pain away.I hate the way my family gets angry at me for not wanting to go anywhere or do anything.They just don't understand the pain takes complete control over your whole entire body.I've done it all..I have done physical therapy,meds,pain management and still no relief.I've been told by my neurologist that if I were to have back surgery it would only make the pain worst in the long run.It's like,now what do I do?I guess just suck it up and deal with it. :( Maybe there are others out there that knows exactly how I feel and would like to chat with me and maybe even have suggestions to ease the pain,even a little.


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