Dear Baby (Wherever You Are)

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So when I leave, walking down the shining rain-washed street, or across the dusty construction-scarred sidewalks on a hot summer day, I take heart from the fact that though your face may change, and your memories fade; that we might know each other forever, or never see each other again, that we have made imprints on each other’s lives. Baby, you may not know why you like to be cuddled in front of a whirring fan, or crave the feeling of being wrapped in a blanket in a half-lit room—but I’ll know. I’ll remember.

Whether the baby I write to will ever be my own remains to be seen. Whether the children I look after now, will be the ones I look after years from now, is something I don’t have the foresight to know. When you’re a nanny, you live in the moment. The moment is all you have.

And dear baby, frozen in time in my memories, I want to thank you for the many, many sweet moments you have given me, in the past, in the present, and far into the future.

I am profoundly honored to have gotten the chance to be with you.


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