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Free Anissa

Dear people going to BlogHer, NOT going to BlogHer or wondering “WTH is BlogHer?”,

In 2010, I got on a plane and flew to NYC to be at my first event post-strokes.

NY was loud, it smelled funky and being able to be there was glorious.

Being anywhere was glorious.

Since that time I’ve been to:




New Orleans



with plans to be in Denver and L.A.

This isn’t a post to brag about all the traveling I’ve done this year.

It’s about reminding people: YOU ARE ONLY AS LIMITED AS YOU LET YOURSELF BE.

I’m in a wheelchair.

I snore.

I have a weird schedule.

I’m a chronic over-packer.

Nobody’s idea of a dream traveler.

I’m also weird-looking with my crooked face and taped glasses.

Conferences are difficult because they’re loud and it’s hard to hear or be heard.

Because handicapped bathrooms are hard to find in hotela,EVERYONE has seen my girly hair….to the point I’m thinking of having the Batsignal waxed there to keep it interesting.

Point is, talk to that person, go to that place, try out that thing, do that stuff, laugh with that stranger.

Whether you’re at BlogHer or the car wash.

Leave feeling GLORIOUS.



p.s. Your skirt is tucked in your underwear.