Dear Demi,

If Demi Moore and I were actually friends, I would write the following letter to her:


Dear Demi,


Let me just start by saying that Ashton is a jerk for what he did.  But, you don’t really think he cheated because you’re 49, do you? Seriously?  Ashton cheated because he has a problem, whatever it is.  Ok, maybe you did have problems in your marriage. Who doesn’t?  But, that’s not why he cheated.  People don’t cheat because of their marriage.  They cheat because of themselves.


Look, we were all so proud of you for landing that younger man, I’m not going to lie.  But, we were proud because you did it as one of us.  It isn’t like we ever forgot how old you were, but that’s what was cool about it.  What, like Ashton couldn’t have married any 20-something he wanted to anyway, if that’s what he was going for?  So, get over the age thing, Demi, if that’s where your head is.   With that, let me say that if there was ever anything I did to make you think you had to try and look 20, I apologize.  I idolized you and maybe that wasn’t fair, so I’m sorry.


Demi, I want to stay young, too, but in my mind, my spirit, my soul, whatever you want to call it – the part of me I have complete control over.  My body is going to do what it’s going to do - kind of like the people in my life.  So, girl, get yourself up. Take care of business.  It’s OK. We’re OK.  It’s OK to be 50.  Just get strong – it’s better than Botox and it lasts longer.


Luv ya –









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