A Few Good Tips for Newly Weds

At one point or another in my life I have kept a journal, or a diary.  I found my last journal right before New Year's with all sorts of entries from myself about 7-8 years ago. Oh gosh...how time does change things....

However, I do believe there is benefit to writing down your thoughts or the ideas of others that strike your fancy. Since New Years, I have been jotting down messages and quotes that I read in order to go back and reflect when I need a little pick me up or reality check.

I'm going to share with you from time to time some of the quotes that I have enjoyed the most over at my blog The Remedy House.  Here is the first quote that I wrote down this year..

If I could give advice to newly weds, newly engaged peeps, or people who just wonder about those first few years of marriage (childless). This is what I've learned so far..

Marriage is dirty, it's messy, it's sticky, it's stinky, there's a lot of farting, using the bathroom with the door open, getting sick in front of each other, bad days and PMS, there is a lot of crying involved, lots of eating, eating and crying at the same time..

It's a lot of arguing, it's a lot of biting your tongue, it's admitting that you were wrong.  It's being right and learning not to boast about it because you will be wrong next time...It's compromise. It's humbling. It's never ceasing and you can never go home (parent's house) at the end of the day. 

It's finding out your weaknesses and turning them into strengths.

Together, you can endure more. It's a mindset and a choice. It's rewarding...

It's coming home and feeling wanted and needed. It's the day to day. It's laughing. It's touching...

It's having a connection so deep with another human being, who is just as perfectly imperfect as you are. It's feeling whole and being whole, just as God intended it. 

And just when you think you've got it all figured out....Well, you catch my drift. But above all, it's worth it.


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