Dear Dr Romance: he said I was expecting too much from this relationship

Dear Dr.Romance:

I can't get over this man, he is 61, I'm in my mid thirties,  he is Europe and I'm in North America, we started corresponding and we stopped I was suffering but time healed me after a year.   This year we re started talking back, by facebook, and when we decided to meet in on Paris, I was thrilled! When I got to Paris, he had changed his mind, he never showed up in our meeting, I just wonder what went wrong.  Later on he said to me that I was expecting too much from this relationship.  I feel broken, what do you advise?

Dear Reader:

Please don't feel bad about yourself because of this man. If he thought you were expecting too much he should have told you before you went to Paris. I hope you enjoyed your trip anyway. Time will heal you again. He's just dabbling, enjoying the fantasy relationship, but not wanting a real one. I'm sure he told you everything you always wanted to hear, because he never had to deliver on it. A real, "face to face" man might not seem as perfect, but you'll be able to tell if he's telling the truth or just feeding you a line of BS. Don't let this fantasy relationship keep you from developing a real one here at home.  "Where is Love?" and "The Fine Art of Squirrel Hunting"  will help you get more realistic about what you're looking for.  The Unofficial Guide to Dating Again, will give you a step-by-step process to follow in finding a real, healthy relationship, with a man who is mature enough to respect you.  For free relationship tips and courses, 

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Tina B. Tessina, Ph.D.