Dear DSW Shoe Warehouse...

First of all, thank you to the employees for your kindness and patience as our family shopped for shoes at your store yesterday. Thanks for smiling and winking while three of our four children treated your establishment as if it were a stage from WWE. Not only were you gracious enough to turn a blind eye while they rolled around and wrestled on the floor (in addition to picking many and various boxes of shoes off the shelves)... and made over-all nuisances of themselves...but you also told us they were "precious" when we're pretty sure you wanted to drop kick all of us out of your store.
To the man shopping for shoes in the clearance section...thank you for being so sweet while my 2-year-old daughter flirted shamelessly with you and then yelled "Goodbye, Poopy!" for all the world to hear when you left.
To the unfortunate employee or customer who finds E's half-empty bottle of milk...our sincerest apologies that it was left behind..and even more heartfelt apologies if it isn't found right away and leaks all over the place as it will inevitably smell like poop after a day or two.
To the wonderful guy at Best Buy who answered all of my "tech" questions with patience and a smile...even after my daughter sucker punched you in the crotch. *sigh*
To the staff of TJ Maxx...our sincerest thanks for your patience when we started checking out only to realize we had left our (full) shopping cart somewhere in the store..and had to go search for it while holding up the line.
To those dining at the restaurant yesterday afternoon...we beseech your forgiveness for our 4 year-old son's announcement during lunch--loudly and with panic--that he "NEEDED TO POOP!"
To the shoppers at Target...we beg for leniency for our second son's similar outburst after his trip to the restroom when he proclaimed (from several aisles away), "MOMMY, I POOPED!"  In addition, I further apologize on behalf of my husband for adding "Babe, you should have SEEN IT!"
To my family-- even though we are such a hot mess and there are countless hours a day that I just want to pull out my hair (or yours), I say, thank you. For being mine. Don't ever change. I love you all fiercely.
While I don't relish the numerous trips to the bathroom (or the rehashing of it later to the general public)...or the countless tantrums and fights that erupt at the drop of a hat...or the dirty looks from strangers who obviously don't have kids...I wouldn't trade a moment of this time. I know it will be gone too soon.
Even though these are the moments that most make me want to crawl in a hole and hide. They are also the moments that make me laugh the hardest later.
*And* Even though I constantly crave time alone-time to think a single thought from beginning to end-and even 30 seconds  to myself in the bathroom without questions, tattling or criticism ("Ew! That's gross! What's that smell?!") I treasure every moment we have together.

And I love you all more than I could ever say.


~Wife to 1. Mommy to 4 all under 5. Lovin' my God, my family, and laughin' at the craziness of it all!~


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