Dear Keebler Elves

Dear Keebler Elves,


I have forever loved your creations and my particular favorite is your Danish Wedding Cookies.  I have not been able to find them here in Southern California and am saddened that I can not partake in that magical goodness. 


I know it would be too much to ask for an Elf to come live with me and stay in my kitchen cranking out copious quantities of these delightful little cookies.  Would you consider instead giving me the recipe?  I am convinced that there is some magic dust or some kind of special something (crack cocaine?) that you may need to send me so that mine will be as wonderful.  I promise I will not share this recipe with anyone; it will just be our little secret.  I mean it’s a win, win situation right?  I would be more popular than a super-delegate at the democratic convention and your secret is safe.  I promise I will share the finished product with those less fortunate who have never had the pleasure of eating a whole box in one sitting, then licking the wax paper lining to get the last speck of that white powdered goodness.


Again, I will gladly give an elf a warm bed and a kitchen instead of a tree in which to bake.  Should you choose to send me the recipe and some of your elfin goodness to go in them I will be forever grateful.


Yours forever addicted,


The Accidental Housewife


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