Dear Lovebug K

Dear Love Bug,

for K

Right now you are sitting beside me in my office "working".  You are such a little grown up.  You answered the phone at the same time as me a minute ago and said Kyle speaking.  Pretty funny.  You are coloring and watching Caiou while I am working.  You are very serious, and being very quiet, maybe because I am very serious.  It is so funny!

You started school on Monday and you loved it.  You met lots of other kids and had lots of fun.  You have been saying the funniest things:

"I need to tell you about creatures Mommy, familiar creatures and strange creatures"  (seriously you just said this)

The night before last you were messing around in your room instead of going to sleep.  When I asked you what you thought you were doing out of the bed you said "well Mommy I'm nocturnal".  (yes you are pretty smart)

Your favorite impressive words right now are familiar, amazing, and nocturnal.  These are not typical words for a 2 year old's vocabulary.  The teachers at your school couldn't believe it.  They said you are using words they would expect a 7 year old to be reading.  I don't know how true that is, but your vocabulary is AWESOME.

Sometimes I have trouble remembering you are only 2 1/2.  I have expectations that might be unrealistic of you because you are so smart and such a good speaker.  It makes me thing you are capable of understanding a lot of things that are perhaps too advanced.  Its probably better to have high expectations that you can try to reach than to underestimate you.  I think partly this is why you are so smart and speak so well.  We always have used adult language around you, so you use adult language.  I have to work around you a lot, since I work at home, you hear a ton of adult conversations as a result.  I think in the end this is good for you.  As hard as it is sometimes, its worth it on days like today when I get to look over and see you being a little man.


Love you oodles and oodles,



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