Dear Lovebug L

Dear Lovebug L,

I have to say you are the sweetest baby.  You really are.  Your disposition is so easy going.  You are happy pretty much all day long.  You are pretty good at entertaining yourself and you love your Mommy!  What a good girl.  This being said however, for the love of humanity, stop getting up, for the day, every day at 4:50 am.  I mean I know that 4:50 is better than 4:30, which you also like.  But 4:50 is like a punishment.  In part I love spending some quiet time with you in the morning before your brother gets up, BUT, I am now so tired that my eyes literally feel swollen shut when you wake up.  I struggle to keep them open for the first 15 minutes we are awake.  Its so horrible. 

Other than the sleeping thing, I can't get over what a good girl you are.  I love taking you on errands because you literally charm the pants off of everyone you see.  smiling at them with just 2 little teeth.  A big huge grin, and big big eyes.  You could make and IRS agent melt.

Love you oodles and oodles,



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