dear lovebugs

We just came back from our first family vacation with the 4 of us.  Let me just tell you guys, it was NOTHING like any vacation I have ever been on in my life.  I had no idea that packing, flying and spending a week at the beach with two little lovebugs was going to be SO MUCH WORK.  I'm not kidding. 

For one thing, trying to pack everything we would need, all of us, for a week at the beach is really overwhelming.  I had to pack food products I can't get down there.  Toys.  Books.  Movies.  Clothes.  Toiletries.  Medical supplies.  Cups.  Bottles.  Silverware and on and on and on.  Basically I bought stuff for weeks, and packed for several days.

Then there is flying with a 1 year old and 2 1/2 year old.  Who was the genius who thought that would be no biggie?  Its an insane thought.  I mean that means not moving really for hours.  Almost impossible.  At the end of the day, its a hard thing to do.  You guys were really well behaved, on the way down.  But still, its a very very long day of work for Mommy and Daddy.

Then we get down there.  Wow is it fun!!  K you LOVE the beach, and L you love being with Grammy and Grampy and Auntie Sara.  There are tons of people to hang out with, and lots of things to entertain yourself with.  But over time the wear and tear on Mommy of getting you guys ready and at the beach everyday is a lot of work.  Another funny issue that starts, is that L you decide EVERYDAY to get up at 3:30 in the morning.  thats right 3:30 am everyday.  When you are 15 and want to sleep until 12 everyday, I am going to remind you that for the first year of your life you almost never slept past 5:30 am and on vacation you got up for 7 days straight at 3:30 in the morning.  Who does that?? 

On the way home, it was nothing short of a disaster.  Our flights were delayed, we were all tired, neither of you would sleep, customs is a mess with little kids, and daddy had to drink, a lot, with Uncle B because he was a little nervous about flying.  What a HUGE nightmare that day was.

But, the thing that makes it all come together and worth it in my mind, is I think K you are old enough and smart enough to actually remember at least some parts of this trip.  How cool is that.  They could be your first memories when you are older.  I hope its something awesome you remember.  Like maybe you can remember swimming with us all, or running with daddy on the beach, or building sandcastles with Me.  Something fun.  I know that for all the stress and work it was I will always remember how much fun you had swimming everyday, how tan you are getting this summer even though I slather spf 50 sunscreen on you everyday or how you want us to do everything with you everyday.


love you both tons.


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