Dear Miss Minnie

So,  I was able to sneak in a little more typing time yesterday afternoon while waiting on the kids to arrive at the Manor for Christmas dinner.   Since I had kept the envelope containing the July 4 letter from our lady's suitor, JH, handy, it was convenient to get the other letter contained in the envelope transcribed.  Frugality, I am sure, dictated the need to share a two-cent stamp.

This letter was from Miss Effie, presumably JH's sister and not his mother (of the same first name).     Her letter made mention of a Mr. Milford, who was a new music teacher in Iva, SC, in 1911 (according to other letters I have already transcribed).  I am wondering if this is the same "Mr. M" referenced in JH's letter, a possible rival for Miss Minnie's affections, the one who "has more money than me".   Also, in Effie's letter, there is a mention of an "XX", definitely male and possibly another suitor for one of the two ladies.  

This is has been a thrilling enterprise for me so far and I will look forward to unraveling as much of the story of this distant relative of mine as I possibly can!  Stay tuned!!     

sunfeathers "life is full of possibilities"


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