Dear Miss Minnie

Welladay!  A new year to take on. Lord willing!!  Wasted no time getting my table set up in the room destined to be my space for art, creative writing, etc.  Brought the whole crate of paperwork that my Dad had saved all those years ago, upstairs and opened the lid.

Wow! What a treasure trove of postcards, Valentine cards, sales receipts, catalogues and The Letters.   I got so caught up looking at some of the newspaper clippings that I almost forgot to take some more letters to transcribe.    I don't think there was a date showing on one of the clippings I looked at but according to this store ad, you could get 5 pounds of sugar for twenty-five cents and 10 pounds for forty-eight cents!    Fascinating to me, I plan to try and scan at least the most interesting ones for publishing, provided I can remember how to upload into my webspace on Charter.  I do so wish that images could be uploaded straight from the PC onto this blog site but haven't seen the means to do so yet.

With my new magnet board purchased from the crossstitch section of a local craft store, my typing speed has gotten much faster.  So much easier to make out the cursive penmanship on those onion skin pages. Another letter from 1910 from our suitor, Mr. J.H.Harbin, Jr., declaring his undying love for our lady.  But then, I saw a letter from 1914 from J.H.Jr. and decided to knock that one out.   Still appears at that point time, he still had interest in Miss Minnie but the "flavor" of the letter struck me as being different, or more accurately, more indifferent.    No repeated declarations of love and marriage, of wanting to be with our lady all the time.    It made me wonder if perhaps he was getting tired of waiting on Miss Minnie's hand in marriage.   Four years (at least from my reading so far) seems a little long to me for a courtship of two available parties in the first of the twentieth century.  Not to mention, Miss Minnie was by that time 23 years of age, as was Mr. J.H. Harbin.  Was he concerned that his lady love was getting a little "long in the tooth"?  Was he getting impatient for a family or an heir??

I am determined to get to the bottom of this mystery.   A letter from 1919 caught my eye and I couldn't resist the urge to type that one out also.   This one was from a Mr. J.H. Seymour writing from the Medical Hospital in Greenville, SC.   I will assume for now that he was talking about the Greenville General Hospital, which was founded in 1890, as a city hospital.  Although he did not profess any love in this letter, it is clear that he had an interest in Miss Minnie and that she was writing to him also.

Something happened by 1917 that I have not winkled out yet.  I love a good quest!!   

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