Dear Nora Roberts

I don't have a TV. Well, I have one but I can't use it because I refuse to pay for cable just on principle. But I do have is the internet. And thank goodness I do, because Nora Robert's Lifetime film series is posted online. And really, that's the kind of fun a girl shouldn't miss out on just because she doesn't want to pay $50 extra to Comcast every month.

My friend Mack and I have committed to watching all of these films, essentially holding our own Nora Roberts marathon - with lots of break-and-bake and red wine. We started with one and were completely sucked in. And of course, it's wonderfully fun, but I have to ask myself - why do I find these films so addicting?

There is the obvious "smolder" factor of all of the men cast as heroes. I haven't seen so much hotness in such a short period of time in ages. Add in the nearly scoring glances they pass over the heroine from moment they enter the screen and I can't help but wonder - are their special smolder lessons that each of these actors have attended? Because they have got it down to a science.

There is also the quirkiness and/or spunkiness of the leading ladies. They're large and in-charge - of their personalities, sexualities, and ultimately, they're lives.

Throw in a little mystery, a little sex, and a lot of laughter, and what do you get?

Me and Mack, up way past our bedtimes, totally hyper and giggly from over-exposure to smoldering glances and fresh cookies.

But my point in saying all this, is that I'm grateful to Nora for these films. When you don't have all of your ducks lined up in a row, it's nice to see people meet, fall in-love, and fall in-lust. Especially when the men are so absolutely delicious looking!

I've been thinking about writing Nora a little note, asking her very politely (read: begging like crazy) to cast me in one of her films. I'll take one smoldering hero and lots of intrigue any day.

Thanks, Nora!


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