Dear People of Craigslist

Dear People of Craigslist and Facebook Virtual Yard Sales,
You probably remember me. Actually, no, scratch that, you probably have no recollection of me at all. I say that because, after all, 98% of you seem to always forget one combination of the following:
  • What time you scheduled pick up
  • The price we agreed on
  • The fact that I said that I would not deliver the product to you
  • The fact that I said that I would not help you load your car
  • The fact that you drive a regular, compact car -- not a TARDIS. (i.e your vehicle is NOT bigger on the inside and, no, that thing you want to buy will not fit)
  • The time you rescheduled pick up
  • Your cash – and, no, I will not take your personal check
  • The very clear directions I gave you
  • The time you agreed on when you rescheduled pick up for the second time
  • What you actually intended to buy from me
Look folks, I’m not sure who raised you. My guess is, though, that Mama Wolf would be very disappointed in your complete lack of decorum. There is such a thing as a “social contract”, meaning that there is an implicit agreement among civilized members of a society to behave a certain way in order to gain certain benefits. In this case, that social contract is compounded by your verbal or written agreement with me to purchase, say, a beach cart and chair for a bargain price.  I am not certain why you have trouble with things like basic time management, spatial reasoning, or the simple concept that I am not, under any circumstances, going to drive two hours to sell you a $10 item. Whatever your malfunction, though, someone needed to tell you that you are ruining a good thing for the rest of us. You need to shape up because, if you don’t, we’re all going to leave… and THEN where will you buy used Ikea furniture?


What do you think? Is there anything you would like to add? Are there any Craigslist/Virtual Yard Sale stories you would like to share? If so, please do so in the comments or on the Facebook Page.

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