Dear Quinn and Gavin,

                                                 Goofing around with Meemaw

Dear Quinn and Gavin,

Today I came to visit and you both had a big cough! But sweet babies that you are, you didn't seem to mind.  It was hard for Meemaw to hear you cough like that.  I'm glad mommy called the doctor even though you had no fever.  Meemaw is a worry wart. 

We read a few books and watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and snuggled on the couch. Gavin was fine till Mommy left and then he cried and cried.  He's such a momma boy.  I did get one photo of him with a smile :)   

                                                 Gavin on the Move

You both had the same pajama's on today, navy blue with yellow and blue guitars!  I wanted to take your picture together, but that didn't happen.   

Mr. Quinn, we had booberry ice tea, your favorite, and crackers for a snack. And we had meat malls and mac and cheese for lunch.  There were crispies for dessert but we weren't that hungry enough to finish lunch.  Tomorrow we can have leftovers! 

Robert.  aka Meeeowwww 

Robert the cat is your favorite pet Quinn, and you follow him behind the couches and hide from me!  He's a good cat and puts up with squishy hugs.  

I can't wait to see you tomorrow boys!  And your Mommy too!

Love, Meemaw



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