Dear Richard Mourdock: Keep Your Superstitious Hocus Pocus Off My Body Nov 1

I’ve been meaning to write this for the past week, but have been moving into a new place and haven’t had time. Needless to say, Richard Mourdock, the combination of religion and government, and bodily autonomy have been pretty much non-stop on my mind. Elections are coming up on the 6th and I think it is important that we all have the information we need to make informed choices. I also think that it is important, when making these choices, that we do think about what is important to us, but also what is of the most benefit to as many people as possible and how we can help with the options we have and in what ways we can provide. So I would ask, fellow Hoosiers, that when you do vote, you do not vote for Richard Mourdock, and this is why:

Richard Mourdock thinks that pregnancy from rape is something that god intended. And he isn’t joking. I want to talk about why that thought process is harmful to women primarily, but also to all citizens, and how that matters.  I live in Indiana and this man is the Senate candidate for the Republicans. This man could have a say in how things are run around here, and that is troublesome to me on many levels.

Because many of my readers are in other countries, I feel it would be remiss not to mention that I live in America and we are supposed to have a separation of church and state here. The reason for this is because citizens are supposed to be protected from a theocratic rule. That means that my government should never be allowed to force a religion onto the citizens of this country. The dominant religion in america is Christianity. The people can be whatever religion, or without whatever religion they want. The government should not impose religious views, doctrines, practices or dogmas on the people. Clearly, we do not have a separation of church and state. God is everywhere, and it’s usually the Christian god. This may be ok for you, but it isn’t ok for me or a lot of other people. And even if you identify as Christian, it should be acknowledged that there are a ton of branches of Christianity and they don’t all agree with each other. Here’s why what Richard Mourdock said is super messed up, and why voting for him is a detriment to everybody.

It is fine for you to believe in a god and to practice a religion. You are more than free to do this. However, as much as you believe, there’s still no proof that any god exists or that your religion is the right one. When making decisions for a large group of people, one should try to leave their religious beliefs out of it. Basically, ‘God’ has no place in government and ‘God’ certainly has no place in my life. I think people are only comfortable doing this as long as their religious group is the dominant one. There’s a lot of Islamaphobia in America. Christians, I ask you, quite seriously and would be interested to know: ‘If Islam slowly became the dominant religion, if Muslims started to obtain more seats in government, would you be comfortable with them making decisions for you based on their religious beliefs?’. My wager is that the answer is ‘No’. Why would you want somebody that practices a different religion than you managing your government based on their religious beliefs? For people with no religion or who have a casual belief in god with no religious affiliation, can you imagine how maddening this is? If one cannot separate their religious beliefs from their civic duties, one should not run, nor should one legislate.

Then there’s just the issue of how freaking ridiculous his assertions are. He claimed that he did not mean that god intended for rape to happen, just the creation of life. I don’t understand. I don’t understand this Christian concept of the Bible being a contextual whole but cherry picking things you like and dislike to fit your worldview and validate your beliefs and actions. I don’t get it and I don’t relate to it. There’s so many logical flaws here that it boggles my mind. Further, I don’t understand the concept of god intending or having a plan for one aspect of an action, but not being responsible for other aspects of an action. How do you decide how much of a hand god has in the world? How much is free will and how much is him? Let’s just look at some of the  aspects of his comment and break them down contextually and evaluate them. If you’re going to make outrageous claims that god is responsible for pregnancy from rape, you shouldn’t be allowed to backpedal, and this dude shouldn’t even get to continue running.

So a rape happens and it’s horrible, right? I think we can all agree that rape is horrible, yeah? Ok. so this rape happens and god has no part in that, no intention or meaning, it just randomly happens to some random woman and then a pregnancy occurs, but god meant for the pregnancy to occur. Well, if god didn’t know or intend for a rape to happen, did he swoop the holy spirit in mid-rape and cause life to be happen? If he’s so involved with life happening, that intimates that he’s pretty involved in what’s going on, so why didn’t he stop the rape? Why did he let the man rape at all?

Do you see the problems with this? If you don’t, can you tell me why in the comments section so I can try to understand you better? Richard Mourdock is a man who thinks abortion should be illegal. I firmly disagree. Before I was ever an atheist, I thought abortion should be legal. Even if it isn’t the right choice for you, or something you feel is morally reprehensible or something that you could never do, you have no right to push your dogma onto other people. If your belief that abortion should be illegal comes from a place of religion know that your religion is your personal path to god and other people should not be coerced into obeying the rules of your religion. As long as people like Richard Mourdock are going to assert that pregnancy from rape is a gift from god, they should first have to prove the existence of any god. Until you do, kindly kiss my ass with your bullshittery.

When you vote for Richard Mourdock, you’re voting in favor of women not having access to abortion and for women losing bodily autonomy. You are saying that women should not be allowed to make informed decisions about their healthcare because you think you know better than a woman does about her own body and her personal, subjective experience because a book that was written thousands of years ago and for which there has been no evidence or proof of it being a true word of god (or any proof of gods existence) brought forth. You are saying that you think  your religion should be shoved off onto all people. You are saying that you think god is responsible for pregnancy from rape. You are saying that you think god is responsible for rape. You are saying that you think god has anything at all to do with rape. You are voting in favor of theocratic rule and you are saying that you think religion has a welcome place in government and that you support the continuation of the oppresion of various minority groups validated by religious justification. You are saying, to a woman that has become pregnant from rape, that you think she should be forced to carry that unwanted baby to term because your religion says so. Vile. Disgusting. Loathsome. Abhorrent.

It’s selfish, it’s disgusting, it’s ignorant and I do not understand or relate to people who can hear a person say something like this and still offer support of him. Do you know how many women have abortions? ‘Barring any changes in the U.S. abortion rate (as of 2008), 30% of women will have an abortion by age 45; 25% of women will have an abortion by age 30; and 8% by age 20′. That’s a lot of women you feel comfortable telling they are not allowed to make their own healthcare decisions because your religious thinks it’s not ok.  You may not like it, you may disagree with it, but frankly, it’s none of your business what somebody else is doing with their bodies.

I’m not even trying to hear the argument that embryos are babies. Knock it off and go read some science. If an organism is existing within a woman’s body and cannot exist without her offering life support, it is not a person and it has no rights. It is not our place to try and police the bodies of others, particularly not from a religious standpoint.

So I would ask of my fellow Hoosiers that when you do vote in this upcoming election, that you do not vote to force women to have rape babies in the name of an unproved god and that you vote based on social conscience, not religion.


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