Dear Television: I Love You

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In my early twenties, I remember being at some sort of a party - a BBQ perhaps? A dinner party? I can't be sure. While the details of the party are a hazy mystery, I do recall the conversation, which stunned me.

"I can't wait," my friend Janet said, "for the fall television lineup. I have it all planned out." She then went on to list which shows she was watching, the times and channels. As it was ten years ago, I cannot quite recall what they were. But I do remember both her excitement and conviction. It just seemed so...odd.

See, I was in the middle of becoming a nurse, getting married, raising my autistic son and moving. If it wasn't on DVD and playable between the hours of 1-2AM, I wasn't watching it. PVR's were just hitting the market and I didn't know of a single show I'd care to see, besides Sex and the City, which I watched regularly (I had the DVD set, which I'm guessing was a part of ALL young twenty-somethings lives at the time).

It wasn't until I'd once again moved, gotten married, put my son in school and popped out another baby - one who refused to sleep - that I decided to look at what those crazy kids were watching on television. And when I saw what was out there? HOLY WOW, I realized what I was missing. Now I'm the one who's all, "I can't wait for April when XYZ comes back on the air." The shows I'm absolutely ga-ga over? Dexter, Breaking Bad, and Damages.

Dexter, if you haven't seen it, follows a very loveable and sweet character who works as a forensic blood spatter analysit for the Miami Metro PD. Oh, and he's also a serial killer. But a good one - as far as serial killers go. He kills the Bad Guys that the system has failed. He avenges wrongs and makes them right. Like I said, a good serial killer. He's also an incredibly interesting character - watching his normal self battle with his killer self is worth the cost of the premium channels (or at least DVD rentals - there are a number of seasons).

Breaking Bad is another television drama (apparently the only kind of television I watch) that follows the course of a struggling high school chemistry teacher diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. Rather than take a leave of absence and spend his final days with his family, he decides instead to turn to a life of crime. He hooks up with a former student and begins to manufacture, sell, and distribute methamphetamines in New Mexico. Oh, and to complicate things, his brother-in-law is a DEA agent. Totally dark show to watch - but the comedy coupled with a tragedy makes up for all of the dark, sad moments.

Glenn Close plays a brilliantly ruthless New York lawyer in the Emmy Winning television drama Damages. Thank YOU NetFlix for showing me the light on this one. The show follows the course of Patty Hewes (Glenn Close) and the complicated relationship between her protegee Ellen Parsons (Rose Byrne). The cinematography, the non-linear storytelling as well as the shocking plot twists make this crime drama more than worth watching. I can hardly wait to see what happens next.

Damages Courtesy of DirecTV

So to you, my friend, who I stared at, baffled and confused, who once told me how she couldn't wait for the fall television lineup to start, I am sorry. You have shown me the light and for that, I thank you always. Wanna come by for some popcorn?

What are YOU watching these days? Should I be watching it too?


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