Death Threats and Zoomorphism: The Case of Nadya Suleman

The more I hear about Nadya Suleman
the more disturbed I get. For those of you who have not heard (and
where have you been hiding? It's everywhere, television, print, internet...), this is the woman who recently gave birth to octuplets. There are many disturbing things about this story, most importantly that it's even a story at all. But it is...

The facts are that there is a woman without means with 14 children to
support. There is a doctor out there who should lose his license (in my
opinion) for putting these babies' lives at risk and doing a 6 embryo
transfer in the first place, but that isn't what this post is about.
This post is about how this case has been reported and the
repercussions of that reporting. Why is she the story? Why is her life
fair game? Why is the media so obsessed with tearing her down. I mean,
they called her a "miracle" for a whole minute before they started
chomping at the bit and divulging intimate details of her life story...
only the juicy bits (fertility, marital status, financial status,
rumours of plastic surgery and whether or not she is trying to imitate
a celebrity... c'mon people).

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