Deaths For Profit

This is depressing. A human being died because a plant manager decided to speed up production.

“In states across the country, temp workers are dramatically more likely to be injured on the job—50 percent more in California and Florida, 72 percent more in Minnesota. In at least four states, temp workers are three times more likely to suffer amputations than permanent employees. Numbers like that are the product of reckless disregard by employers. Disregard like this: In 2013, a temp named Janio Salinas was buried alive in sugar in a Pennsylvania warehouse staffed entirely by temps, up to and including the warehouse manager. This was not an innocent accident: The warehouse manager told OSHA that he had complained repeatedly to upper management about the dangers of becoming engulfed while unclogging the sugar hopper. He said he had asked the plant manager for a safety device to prevent clogging, but the plant manager said "we can't do that" because of financial constraints. A screen that OSHA said would have prevented workers from falling into the sugar hopper was removed 13 days before Salinas’ accident. Eventually, the company decided to install a screen over the hopper to prevent clogging. But 13 days before the accident, according to OSHA, the plant manager ordered it removed because it was slowing down production.

Yeah. I am sure the casual attitude about the lives of temp workers has nothing to do with the fact so many of them are undocumented immigrants or those with temporary work permits. You know, the program instituted by President George W. Bush that caused the right wing of his own party to pull out their hair and squall that he was offering “amnesty” to “illegals”.

“Immigrant advocacy groups and human rights organizations also voiced strong concerns about the plan, stating that it does not go far enough to protect temporary workers and provides too few incentives for undocumented workers to come forward. Most immigrants would rather fall back into the black market, they assert, than return home and face hunger, poverty, and unemployment … Immigrant advocates criticizing the proposal have compared it to the "Bracero program," a temporary agricultural worker program run from 1942 to 1964 that was plagued by charges of abuse of workers.”

This kind of shit is why unions were invented. The dismantling of unions over the last 30+ years is why this shit has made a comeback.


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