Deb Arora

Founder, The Great Room

Deb Arora is a 17-year veteran of integrated marketing. Her last corporate gig was as VP, Marketing and Global Lead for Hewlett-Packard on behalf of the world's largest digital marketing firm, Digitas. There, she was responsible for HP's global strategy for digital advertising, search, analytics, and site development.

After the birth of her first child in 2006, Deb began blogging. Her blog, Missives From Suburbia, garnered thousands of UMVs at its peak and featured sponsorships from brands like General Mills and P&G. She retired her blog two years ago to focus on consulting and school fundraisers. But, of course, the internet is forever, and if you search, you'll find links to her blog, her appearance on the Today Show, discussing postpartum depression, and a seemingly endless number of pins on Pinterest.

Deb continues to consult for bloggers and startups, but her primary focus is the development of The Great Room, a crowdsourced interior design site launching in August 2014.