A Debate Wish List for President Obama

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7. Remind Romney about his record as a governor and how alike it is to all that you want for the country. Especially those elements Romney is most afraid of and timid about discussing. Bring those things right out there and shower him with praise for being so prescient.

8. Do not inspire disdain for the business world. It's getting overdone. Just as hatred for the public sector must stop and a good leader will right that reputation, the business world need not be the enemy. We want to improve it, not banish it.

9. Be specific. About everything. Use rhetoric sparingly and only when it will be the most effective in driving home an example. We do not want empty words or clichés. We are getting enough of that in the ads, ad nauseum.

10. Be humble. You are at your best and most likeable when you allow yourself vulnerabilities. That is when people most want to continue to give you a chance.

And if you can give voters reasons to give you a chance to continue what you've started, without hammering on Romney in a bloated, overstated, superior and fact-devoid way, in 36 days, the majority of votes cast in this election will reflect a winning performance.


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