Debunked Myths for a Single Girl's Mind

It is a universal truth that everyone in the world is in a loving, devoted, healthy relationship except for yours truly.  Somehow, close to 98% of the female population (excluding you) seems to have to done the impossible and turned the jock into the perfect boyfriend.

This is what every single-and-ready-to-settle girl in the near vicinity of my age bracket thinks.  It's only natural; when you are in search for something, it seems like everyone else has just what you're yearning for.  And that only makes your longing worse.

Through the tumultuous and love-driven years of my adolescence, I've learned my share of things (none of which were from anything entitled, "Natural and Organic Biology for Intermediate Levels").  Most of the myths I swore were fact when I started my obsession with finding the right guy have been debunked by now, and I'm proud to say I have developed a more realistic, highly cynical, opinion of relationships.

Naturally, the level of cynicism I have towards men can only be truly reached once a girl has been through the amount of distress, water works, tissues, and multitude of creative, yet highly offensive nicknames, as I have.  However, I encourage all single ladies out there to keep the following in mind when on the prowl.

Myth #1 :That happy couple you see strolling leisurely through the mall.

Truth: They probably aren't so happy.

A lot of people are probably sitting there saying to themselves, "Uh, yeah, duh."  But in reality, this is a common belief that many single girls obsess over.  To a girl looking for a relationship, a glimpse of a seemingly happy couple means that the pair floats through a perfect, loving, romantic, sensual, devoted relationship unscathed.  That's just not true. 

As the saying goes, no one know what happens behind closed doors.  This Kodak-moment couple could have a relationship tearing at the seams.  Every relationship has problems, and it will just make you feel worse about your single status if you build up every relationship you see. 

Try to keep everything in perspective, and remind yourself that the boyfriend you saw delicately wiping frosting off his girlfriend's chin might be a hair away from turning into a raging axe murderer.

Myth #2: The perfect guy will come.

Truth: No. Just no.

Sure, it would be nice if Prince Charming came floating into the room on a cloud of Skittles and got down on one knee right then and there. But let's face it. There is a 0% chance of that actually happening.

Some of the closest and most precious relationships I know started slowly, cautiously, and gently.  When true love rears its head, the lust and sex appeal usually comes later.  To have a successful and happy relationship, there needs to be something more there than just great hair and straight teeth.

The bottom line is everyone would like to snag the gorgeous athlete with a fabulous job and a money tree growing in the backyard.  The probablity of actually accomplishing that is low, and those types of guys generally are interested in girls that are mean with big butts. 

Myth #3: There has to be something wrong with me.

Truth: Unless you are a raging pyschopath with a mullet and webbed feet, you need to stop this mantra now.

Whether you're tall or short, boring or witty, very pretty or pretty average, there is most likely nothing all that wrong with you that would keep a guy from ever being interested in you.  More likely, there is something wrong with the guys you are picking.

Myth #4: Being in a relationship will solve everything.

Truth: If you're looking for a relationship to be the answer to all your problems, you will never be happy.

Relationships aren't a genie in a bottle, and if anything they will add to your problems.  Having a boyfriend won't make you smarter, more outgoing, or more fit.  If you want a relationship because you hope it will make your life perfect, then you want for the wrong reasons.

The true test to see if you want a relationship for the right reasons is to ask yourself if you're yearning for one when you are out at the bar with the girls.  If the answer is no, you aren't ready for the commitment a healthy relationship requires. 

The list of relationship myths could go on forever, and I plan on unraveling more at a later date.  For now, I hope these four have been inspiration to start unfogging the cloud of expectation many single girls have surrounding the idea of "BOYFRIEND" in their minds.

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