December 4th Blog plateau

Kate Middleton is pregnant, the country is going over a fiscal clift, and I don't have a decent idea for Day 4 of this December NaBloPoMo post...guess which is the bigger crisis for me at this hour?  Today's post for me, is much like hitting the proverbial wall, and is starting to resemble a writing plateau...which is almost the same as one of my diet plateaus...which, luckily for me hasn't happened in a long time, because unfortunately for my size 12 jeans...I haven't even pretended to be on a diet lately...but I'm sure if I was...I'd be sucking at it...

I saw on the front of Blogher that some blogger has declared her life off limits...that's someone whose posts probably get a lot more reads then mine...HEY!  There's nothing off limits in my blog...the kids, my husband, dogs and turtle all get a mention...and they hate it!  Exactly one hour ago my daughter was downloading something off  I-tunes when I materialized over her shoulder to absorb this daughter was not fooled..."You're not going to write about me tonight...seriously!  Look, I taped Christmas's the remote control, you can watch the TV tonight..."

You know what's interesting is I just read a story in the newspaper about a couple of people who actually lost their jobs because of their blogs...that's right...they were fired because their boss actually READ their blogs...That's no longer a problem for me because I don't have a boss anymore...unless you count the dog, and only when he wants a walk...which is about all the time...Anyway one of the ladies had actually been fired two different times over her blog...I know what your thinking...what's the odds of getting one boss to read your blog...BUT TWO...If I had a boss like that I'd be writing about them ALL THE TIME...because I'd know at least one person would be reading it..

Apparently the offending post began "things I heard at the Christmas party last night"...I was's still have Christmas parties???  Not where I work...well, don't work...I can assure you that  if I was lucky enough to get invited to one of those I would never post anything I heard at the Christmas party, but mostly because it would probably involve me.... "Did you see how much Huber had to drink?" 

 I'd write more but excuse me, my boss is where did I put the leash..?



(My boss, and my other boss)

Cindy Huber


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