December 8 - Violence Unsilenced

On December 1, I had seen Stacy Morrison’s post titled: “Saving A Woman’s Life With Your Words” and said I was going to post on December 8.  December 8 was It’s Time to Talk Day, 2011.  The discussion was and is about relationships abuse, domestic violence, and emotional abuse.  The point being is that the stats are horrendous (see below for stats shared on the Violence Unsilenced Website) and the day was dedicated to those who have a story they want to share.  
1 in 3 women will be in an abusive relationship in her lifetime.

On average, more than three women a day are murdered by their husbands or boyfriends in the United States.

Teenage girls are reporting dating abuse at rates higher than women, which makes them the most at-risk group for abuse in America.

One in five tweens—ages 11 to 14—say their friends are victims of emotional, physical or verbal dating violence.”

I missed the day, but not the issue.  As those of you who have read my blogs ongoing, I have posted twice in the past 12 months about domestic and dating violence, most recently in October, as it was Domestic Violence Awareness Month.   The importance, along with creating awareness, of the Violence Unsilenced site, ( is that it is a place for those impacted by abuse in any way to share their story.  Along with the space to share, there are links to support services, resources and safety alert advice.  

While living in Cincinnati, I often attended the local annual Taking Back the Night Event where there was a candlelight march and then a gathering where stories could be told by anyone wanting to share.  I am tearing up now thinking about the stories that were told to the the audience.  Some by people who shared, for the first time, what they were going through.  How brave they were to tell their story and how supported and loved they were by those listening.  Hopefully that brought them the support and peace they needed to go from being a victim to a survivor.  The Violence Unsilenced Site is a virtual way to do what was done in person at the Taking Back the Night march.  

While I am a day late, I haven’t missed the problem, unfortunately.  While this is supposedly the happiest time of the year, for many with or without resources there is stress.  During stressful times, domestic and dating violence can increase.  Hopefully, by reading this post someone will checkout the resources and become a survivor and not a victim.  I sure hope so!!  

Below are the links to my previous posts where there is also further information that might be helpful.


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