Is Deciding to Have a Baby Like Getting a Tattoo?

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I read Kerry's post at Pickle Me This with a knowing nod of my head. She writes about having one child, understanding that a second child would stretch finances, but still wanting that second child. There is a back and a forth in her post that many mothers -- and fathers -- will likely understand, empathize with as these decisions, which seem easy on paper, are never that easy -- in the heart. Maybe her point that I have shared is right, however. Maybe when you're "done" with adding to your family, you just know. You know, like tattoos.

She hopes:

Here’s what I’m hoping for though: I am hoping for is that for me having another baby turns out to be a lot like getting a tattoo. I got my first tattoo when I was 20, and immediately started planning another. And it concerned me, that I might never want to stop and would eventually turn into Lydia the tattooed lady. But when I got my second tattoo, when I was 24, right away, I knew I was done. It was enough.

Credit: lindsaydeebunny.

Her post contains a lot of thought-provoking topics. You should give the whole thing a read.


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