While Everyone Else Grows Up Too Fast, He Just Wants to Be a Kid

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[Editor's Note: I have a picture of me, age 12, sitting in front of my Barbie house, playing happily. I didn't actually know that other 12 year old girls were busy thinking about boys and sex. Some make fun of me for the sheltered life I lead, but the truth is that I had a wonderful childhood. At La Reine La Veut, her son recently said he wants to do the same -- to be a kid while he still can be. I think we all owe this kid (and this mom!) a high five for not rushing to grow up too soon. -Jenna]

The Decision to Be a Child:

Being a KidWhen discussing kids at school, his brow furrowed. He has friends at school - but they are only friends at school. When I asked him about this, his response was amazing.

"Momma, it's one thing for me to be nice and play at school, it's something else for me to let them into my life. I'm not like them. I'm not in a hurry to grow up. I don't want to watch teenager shows or MTV. I still want to play with my Legos and watch cartoons with my little sister. That's stuff isn't acceptable to most of them, so we aren't really friends. I have a few friends that are like me, but we all act the same at school. I'm not old enough to worry about girls or clothes. I still want to be a child."

Read on to ponder some of her questions about why we force our kids to grow up so quickly.

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