Decisions Decisions

Here's to tell you. I cannot even find enough categories for this post to fit in. I am a little confused at the moment. This is my first Blog Her Conference and even though it is next week, I have no clue why I am going. I am ticketed-in all ways. I am hoteled. The only thing I am not is, ready to go. With all things in my life, I need to know the why and if I cannot answer that by next week, I will stay put.

I am far from shy so the thought of all these people being there isn't scaring me. I am reading various people's posts and tweets about what to expect and I still have no clue what to expect. All I can say right now is that it feels very cliquish and I do not do cliques. It's almost like if you did not go to the ones before, then you will not fit in. I don't even know what a session is and how I am supposed to know if I am at the right one? What if I go to one suite and miss out on another suite that was equally as important. Is there a BlogHer road map? Maybe my purpose is to go and then write to tell them how they can do things differently for newbies next year. Maybe all of this is here somewhere and I am missing it.

All I know is that everyone across the globe is hyped about it which is great but at the last minute I am having second thoughts. I will update along the way as I gain more insight on my BlogHer purpose.


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