I was working with a client recently who, as I've seen with most clients, had a stack of "how to organize your home" articles that she meant to get to the infamous "some day".  She was hesitant to get rid of them without reading them, which I completely understand because I still find myself doing that sometimes.  We made a deal...since I really wanted to read them to gather any new tidbits: I could take paper out of her home, if I gave her a "Coles Notes" version of the information. 
So, I took the paper home, read through it, and emailed her back the information that I felt was most appropriate for her home and lifestyle.  I condensed almost 3" of paper that was taking up valuable space in her dining room to 19 bullet points typed in email.  Her response: "You decluttered words!". 
How many magazines do you have lying around?  Are you keeping the entire magazine for one or two articles?  Collect all the magazines in one place.  If you don't have time to read the articles right now, rip them out, three hole punch them and put them in a 1" binder, in no particular order.  The only way this will work and you'll be able to stay on top of it is to keep that binder and a three hole punch with the pile of magazines.  If the tools aren't close by, the magazines will stay there.
Maximizing the amount of articles you can keep (by using a 1" binder) means you are forced to deal with them in some way when the binder gets full.  It's very simple to read the articles during commercials of your favourite show.  If you want to keep the articles for future reference, create a file folder and file it away.  Even better though, is to email the information to yourself, create a reference folder of some kind, and then recycle the piece of paper.  You still have the information but it's not taking up space in your home.  Decluttering your email is an entirely different topic though!
You may also be surprised as to how many articles you want to keep are recipies.  I started up a very basic recipie binder for my client.  Another 1" binder, with 5 tabs: Appetizers, Sides, Main Course, Desserts, Bakingm but you can choose whatever sections you would like.  Again, when this recipie binder is full, quickly flip through it and see if you can recycle any recipes you meant to get to but just didn't find the time.
So, how will you declutter words in your home?


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