Deconstruct the Girl

Welcome to Deconstruct the Girl, a lifestyle blog created in an effort to navigate the confusing waters of adulthood and reclaim some of the childlike wonder and introspection that can get lost as responsibilities creep in and bills need to be paid.  We live in a fast paced world, where other people’s expectations, long work hours and relationship obligations play so steadily in the back of ours minds that they can begin to define us.  The goal of this blog is to push the pause button on life and be able to evaluate the many parts of what makes us each unique. 

The way this blog is organized is in the vain of a balanced life worksheet.  There will be five broad categories focused on and examined weekly.  These categories I believe are wide-ranging, enabling increased awareness about one’s quality-of-life satisfaction.  The schedule will be as follows: Monday – Fashion & Beauty, Tuesday – Health & Fitness, Wednesday – Career & Professional Development, Thursday – Friends, Family & Relationships, and Friday – Creativity, Inspiration & Spirituality. Weekends will be free for alls!
I hope that you all enjoy the blog and its message.  I am happy to explore the many aspects of my life with you, and with a bit of luck gain some new readers and friends along the way.  I look forward to new sources of inspiration and would love to hear from you with ideas for the blog!  Hopefully you will come along for the ride and get “deconstructed” with me!