Deconstruct to Reconstruct : A Tiny House Story


The Sustainable Warehouse
United States

Deconstruct to Reconstruct is a blog I jointly run with my partner covering the story of our Tiny House adventure! We are building a house on a 6'x16' trailer that is made from 90% reclaimed materials. We've partnered up with an amazing buisness women named Rebecca O'Brian in Charleston, South Carolina who deconstructs houses with her non-profit The Sustainable Warehouse to save the material from the landfills in order to recycle beautiful materials.  I've never met another women doing the same thing and I've met several women wanting to start such an endeavour. Our blog covers the process of building a tiny house this way and the challenges and rewards it provides. It reflects our personal values by meeting our needs for green living, sustainable existence, DIY culture, recycling and a love for nature and human connection.