Decorating With The Things You Love

For many women decorating their homes is an enjoyable experience. But for others, just thinking about home decor and design can cause anxiety and sheer waves of panic. In most cases these individuals have tried and fallen short of creating a look they like. Not only can this be frustrating, it can also be expensive. If you can relate to this there's good news. You can easily decorate your home and get amazing results when you decorate with things you love. And the best part is, this is a very cost-effective decorating option.

Start With A Theme

The best way to start any decorating project is with a theme. This will help guide you in all the choices you make. Tropical and nautical themes are common, but there are lots of options. You may decide to decorate according to a beautiful garden theme or an ethnic theme. Obviously, the theme you choose should be one that you identify with and appreciate.

The items you add to the room will be inspired by your decorating theme. This includes everything from the paint colors to accessory items. However, don't go overboard with the 'theme' decor. For instance, a nautical or coastal theme can be conveyed with inspired colors and a few well chosen pieces, such as a beautiful painting or toss pillows.

Decorating With A Purpose

Every space in your home has a purpose or function. Give consideration to the activities that will take place in the room. Your decorating efforts should focus on adding great pieces of furniture that will be functional and make using the space comfortable. This approach to decorating makes choosing items for the room an easy task. It also simplifies the process of determining a focal point for the room. Avoid cluttering the space.

Things You Love - Avoid Showroom Perfection Decorating

When you decorate with the intent of creating a space that is showroom perfect you usually end up with matchy-matchy furniture and accessories. This is a great look for a furniture store display but it may not be right for your home. Instead of attempting showroom perfection, take the time to consider the things you love - in many instances this will include things you already own.

For example, you may have cherished quilt that your grandmother made or a beautiful lamp or figurine that you love. These are things that make you 'feel good'. Decorating with the things you love creates an environment that is unique and that is personalized to your taste. This is better than showroom perfect - it's your space, your way.


Debbie Allen

The Things Women Want


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